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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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I disagree, R. Star. I think Trek might wane for a while, but the IP is too valuable to stay dormant for too long.

There are millions and millions of Star Trek fans out there. One day, somehow, one of them will be in the position to bring it back to TV.

Ronald D. Moore's work on DS9 was terrific so he'd be a good candidate, but the ending to BSG is some seriously dumb science-fiction so I'm skeptical of his suitability. If he were to continue the JJ-verse than we'd maybe learn that Spock was an angel ghost (????) the whole time and God was behind everything. I like the wormhole aliens/Prophets in DS9 but BSG's dumbed down Judeo-Christian monotheism isn't my cuppa tea.

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I don't think Straczynski is as good as he used to be
Babylon 5 is one of the best television shows but the following TV movies, Crusade and his comic work leave a lot to be desired.
1) God "isn't behind everything". You just learn that the Head People were telling the truth* from square one. That people looked for other reasons (chips in head...etc..) was their decision to make.

2) It's been awhile since I rationalized...errrr...explained Starbuck, and it doesn't come easily. I think I lost the powerpoint presentation.

*And even that is from their perspective. They don't seem infalliable and certainly seem to get off track sometimes.
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