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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2012

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The only part of the ship that was not repainted - and more than once - was the top surface of the saucer, the bridge and the teardrop-shaped bubble it rests on.
F.C. Durant's description of desired restoration work by Rogay Inc. from 04-30-74 does not include a paint job of the hull. Doug Drexler's Smithsonian report from 03-01-77 states for the primary hull "Imperceptable surface detail - Radiating gridwork, flush. Top only." I can't help the feeling that with your paint job claim you'd like to make us believe there had been grid lines on the rest of the hull that vanished in this mysterious "paint job"...
(amazing that all the tiny engineering hull numbers, markings and letters visible in the various pictures posted here were not affected by this mysterious "paint job")

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