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Re: Star Trek Begins - A New Direction

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Captain Atkin, that is only your opinion as to what should or should not be discussed, and we do not believe we revealed any confidential info here; we are merely sharing what we hoped to do with the sets in order to recreate the Pike bridge, because the question about trying to mimic the Cage bridge has been asked before.

And for you information, we have talked with the people involved with both Trek production studios about the use of their sets and we will not get into details here as to what we talked about, but that is how we know the rental cost for the Farragut sets and that Ajax has offered us the use of their sets at no charge.

We have simply provided this info to show that this is a serious production and that we have and that we are taking steps to "make it so".
I assumed that you had talked to both groups before you posted, but that doesn't mean you should start discussing the financial costs of using their bridge sets on a public forum. That stuff should be kept confidential, in my opinion; especially when you haven't decided yet which bridge set you are going to use. Yes, the Ajax sets are free to use, but bare in mind that people donated money to assist in the restoration of the Ajax bridge (myself included) to help keep it that way.

Anyways, best of luck with your production. I look forward to seeing it when it is done.

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