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Re: Best Star Trek games ever: 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites

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I've got fond memories of Klingon Honor Guard too, probably because it was the first Unreal engine game I ever played (it was years before I ever got around to actually playing Unreal itself!).
Ironically, Klingon Honor Guard was implemented as an Unreal mod; the game executable is exactly the same (they didn't make any customizations), it's "just" custom levels, models, and scripting. Unreal v2.20 broke older mods, but you can drop in a newer-than-KHG Unreal EXE (like v2.19) and it'll still run.

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Another one I remember vaguely is Starfleet Academy for the PC (not the console version). It was one of those games riding on the coat-tails of the multimedia boom in the wake of CD-ROMs, and while I appreciated its aims, I think a lot of the acting in the full motion video sequences was sub-par. Unfortunately.
On the other hand, I liked the solution it offered for how Kirk won the Kobayashi Maru better than ST11's version...
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