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Re: Which Uniforms Do You Prefer

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The velour was chosen because it looked good under the lights. But the costumes were dry-cleaned every night, and the velour shrank and had to be constantly altered. That's why they switched to polyester.
This shrinking was particularly egregious at times.

At least later on, they figured that if they made the actors wear a black shirt underneath, it would help to mask the shrinking costumes. But it was still evident:
Kirk's wraparound uniforms weren't made of velour like the regular uniforms. They were all made of a double-knit wool and were constructed to be a little shorter than a normal shirt cut.

In fact, the second season wrap had suspenders and hooks that attached to the trousers, see on a screen-used tunic here.

As for my preference velour or double-knit synthetic?

I used to prefer the velour, but as time has gone on, I've come to prefer the double-knit because it's smoother and fits better.

My favorite uniform, however, is Kirk's first season wraparound with the scrambled eggs on the shoulder. In fact, I own replicas of both these uniforms:

Starfleet Uniforms by Clark "Kal-El" Kent, on Flickr

The regular duty uniform is the high-end, screen-accurate replica from Anovos.

While the wrap is a fairly good replica made by a costumer the braid and insignia aren't as screen accurate.
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