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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I think another one of the cancelled Build-A-Droids that will now come on a cardback in one piece is a "realistic" interpretation of Jabba the Hutt's protocol droid from The Clone Wars, but I could be mistaken. I remember a Hasbro fair or convention display showing a muticolored protocol droid that looked an awful lot like Jabba's translator from the 2008 animated movie.

Now that's a droid I could care less about. The Dooku Pilot Droid is a robot a lot of fans have wanted for ten years just to have a wider variety of droid designs in their collection. It would be cool if they released the Solar Sailer craft with retractable, fold-down fabric sails, but now that we're not getting Episode II in 3-D the market for a ship seen for just a few short minutes in a prequel is pretty limited....I don't see Hasbro making the Sailer anytime soon, perhaps ever.
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