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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

The Applebee's PR guy is hilarious. Just complete fail.

Only part of the outrage over this that doesn't work for me: I expected a bigger check. Party of 8 or so people, and we're outraged over her getting stiffed on the tip, I was expecting $150-200 bill, so we're talking about the server having to spend an hour plus at this, work hard, and then be expecting $35-40 and get nothing.

The bill was for $35.

What's that? Coffee and maybe a shared appetizer? And the expected tip was $6.32.

Bored over the outrage now, we're not talking about big injustice here, just a cheap prick customer that wanted to save a couple bucks. For $35 worth of food at an overprices food chain, how much work did the server have to put in anyway? It sucks, but they probably get worse tips than that routinely.

Mostly just LOLs watching Applebees deal with this now...
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