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Re: TNG Caption This! 303: He has claimed the right of captioning!

Worf: "I protest. I do not have a nice ass!"

Duras: "Do not allow that P'takh anywhere near the meeting, Picard."
Worf: mumbling "Damn, I've been working on my Duras-ell gags as well. I would have so pwned him."

"Captain's Log, supplemental. Only Data would be indelicate enough to mention that Klingon sexual pheromones smell like Vulcan plomeek induced flatulence. LaForge is currently attempting to reassemble him, made all the more difficult after Worf ate some of his parts."

"Captain's Log Supplemental. In an attempt to prolong the ritual while Worf investigates the former Chancellor's death, I've resorted to making up additional tests. Having made Gowron and Duras face off Gagnam Style, I'm tempted to see just how far I can push it before they twig."

Riker: "Should you be surfing porn all day, Doctor?"

Data: "Aw shit man, it's the fuzz."
Picard: "Quick, hide the stash."
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