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Re: Effects updates you'd like to see for TNG-remastered.

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I'm well aware it'll never happen, but I think it would be kinda cool if they DID go George Lucas insane on TNG - but as an optional extra with the original versions, of course. I'd love to see them walking past far more alien crewmembers (like the kinds seen in TAS, TMP, STIV and ST) in the corridors and manning the consoles at the back of the bridge.
I , on the other hand, would loathe that. lol

They would have to employ two completely separate crews for a restoration, reimagining job like that.

And the biggest nit I'd fix is seeing the rear of the ship outside the observation deck windows, and maybe seeing the curve of the saucer at the bottom of the viewscreen. I've always loved shots that connect the inside and outside of the ship. It would really add a sense of scale.
The viewscreen isn't a window like in the JJ-verse though, it's just a viewscreen. Wouldn't make sense to see the curve of the saucer, except in rare circumstances where they're actually focusing on a part of space where you could actually see it.
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