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Re: A bird flew into my window.

^^ A bird once hit the porch at a chalet I was staying at in New Hampshire and he got up and flew away. Animals are pretty tough, so if he wasn't going too fast he was probably okay.

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We had a bird dive bomb our antenna while on a freeway. Result was blood on the car and a dead bird.
Ouch. I once hit a bird while driving down the expressway-- there was a rather unbelievable amount of feathers.

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It was like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon with her forward momentum and the slippery tile floor working against her as her little legs tried frantically to stop. She was fine, but she learned to sneak up to the sliding door rather than rush at it.
At her old house, my mother used to have a screenhouse in the backyard. One of her cats, Max, was a little strange and often exhibited cartoon behaviors. He couldn't seem to grasp the concept of the screen and if anything startled him when we were out there he would inevitably try to run right through it, fold up like an accordion and go bouncing and rolling backward. This was the same cat who eventually had an identity crisis and became a horse.
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