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Re: What episode is the most unreferenced?

T'Ressa Dax wrote: View Post
Hm, not sure how much it counts but both SCE Ishtar Rising (1 and 2) and A Time to Sow mention Seyetik... Just looked it up.

First one just says his hologram was used. Second has Geordi familiar with his terraforming work.
DS9forever wrote: View Post
There was a USS Seyetik mentioned in Titan, Blue Horizon was mentioned in Deny Thy Father, "Andorian tuber root" got a few mentions in novels and comics, the Prometheus either appeared or was mentioned in Bridge Commander and the Runners constellation was mentioned in Twilight.
All this continuity knowledge warms the Nasat's heart.

Funnily enough, Halanans have never appeared or been mentioned again, as far as I know.
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