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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

^^ I wonder if they have a comics section.

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Take it from somebody whose parents conceived him in the summer 0f '69 (I take it you were born in April of 1980? If so, we're exactly ten years apart in age.), you missed some fun. Hell, I remember being seven years old and seeing the first run of Star Wars in a Drive-in!
The last time I saw a movie at a Drive-In was in the early 80s, somewhere around Hartford. They do still exist, but they are rare.

But, in fairness, the 1980's were an interesting time to be a teenager.
I will grant you that the early 80s were probably an interesting time to be a teenager. It was certainly an interesting time to be a young adult out on his own for the first. time.

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Being young is fantastic so any modern times are great to be a teenager.
Yeah, I would hope that anybody would make the most of their teenage years no matter what era they are born into.
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