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Re: Let's See Your STAR TREK Stuff!

I'd love to tell you all about the original set of Spock ears from TOS I have and one of Shatner's uniform shirts. I'd like to, but I can't since I don't have either of them.
Mostly, I have some books that have already been featured, some die cast ships from Mattel, and a shoebox full of Micromachines. Also, many of the film soundtracks, and a copy of the Bible from pre-pilot of TNG. A few other assorted toys, and a uniform shirt in the First Contact style.

It really is cool seeing stuff that I used to have in some of other people's photos. Most notably, the Spock model with him squaring off against the 3-headed snake. I didn't paint mine, so it didn't look as good as in the photo here, but it still brings back memories.
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