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Re: TOS: Allegiance in Exile by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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No offense David, but you have written far better things and this book seemed like you were just collecting a paycheck.
You know, I haven't read Allegiance in Exile yet -- I may not, as the premise just doesn't intrigue me -- but I have to chime in and say that criticisms like this always bug me.

I'm not a writer, but I've worked in the arts. I've been onstage, and I've been backstage. And the fact of the matter is, any time you work to produce a piece of art (whether it's a performance, or a poem, or a musical composition, or whatever), you're going to have your hits and your misses. No one can bat a thousand; everyone strikes out sometimes.

That doesn't mean that you're "just collecting a paycheck." It's quite possible to work very hard to do the best possible job you can at creating something, only to see it just fall flat for any number of reasons. God knows I've been onstage often enough on nights where I was concentrating, trying to get in the zone, trying to make everything work, and only to see my performance brought down by random errors; I know what it's like to try and just not quite nail it.

So if you didn't enjoy Allegiance, I certainly don't begrudge that. But taking that and turning it into an implication that the author just didn't care about writing the best possible story just bothers me, because of that experience I've had.
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