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I'm not sure I'd call it an original story, since much of it was a callback to "Day of the Dumpster," the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers pilot episode from 20 years ago. Some of the lines and moments were virtually identical -- the "teenagers with attitude" line (although that was from the main titles, not the actual pilot dialogue), the nerdy Blue Ranger being fascinated by the Big Giant Head's robot assistant, the Pink Ranger worrying about helmet hair at the end. The characters are pretty similar to the original bunch in a lot of ways too (Red = great martial artist, Black = cocky athlete, Yellow = really smart and skilled, Blue = bespectacled science nerd, Pink = the pretty and sweet one). Plus they've got a teen hangout called Ernie's, though it's a very different Ernie.

But on the plus side, they did it better than MMPR's pilot did, with more individual characterization for the team members, and some hints that there will be more (the mention of the Red Ranger overcoming adversity in his life). And the new cast isn't as good as the MMPR cast, but so far seems to be a lot better than the Samurai cast.

I'm annoyed by the inconsistency of the worldbuilding. If all the previous Ranger teams have existed in this show's continuity, then how come these kids have never heard of them? Power Rangers aren't exactly low-profile world-savers. If anything, there should be a lot of public awareness and reverence for all the Ranger teams who've protected the world over the past two decades, and we should've had one of the characters being a huge fanboy of the Rangers and thrilled to be part of the legacy, and maybe another unsure they deserve to be part of the tradition, and so on. It would be a better celebration of the anniversary than just to have the Rangers' very existence somehow forgotten.

And having Gosei be Zordon's protege/inheritor is a nice touch, but if Zordon put Gosei there to defend the Earth in time of need, then how come he's never gotten involved in fighting off the nine previous threats to Earth that have arisen since Zordon died? (Not counting Lost Galaxy since it was in space, or SPD and RPM since they were in the future.)

Hmm... I guess one could make a case that, technically, none of those prior nine threats were alien invasions:

Lightspeed Rescue: demons
Time Force: criminals from the future
Wild Force: pollution demons
Ninja Storm: banished ninja master (although his army consisted of space ninjas)
Dino Thunder: mutated dinosaur-man
Mystic Force: undead army
Operation Overdrive: aliens, yes, but more on an extended treasure hunt than an invasion
Jungle Fury: more demons
Samurai: even more demons

Conversely, all the foes that Zordon's Rangers fought -- the Rita/Zedd family, the Machine Empire, Divatox, Astronema, Dark Specter -- were invaders from space, and Zordon himself was an alien. So it's possible that Gosei's brief only extends to alien invasions -- although that seems rather narrow-minded of Zordon. And it would've had to be a really restrictive set of parameters to exclude Lothor's forces. (Maybe it's a Prime Directive sort of thing? Lothor was working with aliens, but it was essentially an internal power struggle between humans.)

One catch is that we do have another alien invasion coming up in 12 years, according to S.P.D., but there was no Gosei in sight there. So either he doesn't survive this series, or he goes into retirement (perhaps because there's already a standing Ranger force in the SPD).

Or maybe it's just a careless continuity error, like the show being in continuity with the previous PR seasons yet the characters never having heard of Rangers.
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