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Re: January '13 challenge: "The Cost Of Destiny"

It's prequel-ish to my various other entries and story bits featuring Capt. Gabriel Frost and the USS Challenger. Basically, through a convenient Plot Device (tm) Gabriel, early in his Starfleet career, makes First Contact (singlehandedly, much to the chagrin of many of the other characters) with the Celvani, who are the pre-eminent race of the Free Stars' Alliance (much like humans and the Federation). The FSA is located "east" of Romulan space. Anyway, the Celvani believe Gabriel to be their long-foretold Third Traveller, and various hi-jinks ensue...

And yeah, I'd have liked a bit more length as well, especially the argument between Avallios' parents. I'll probably revisit it at some point; I think there's a lot there that could be explored.

And to what twist are you referring?
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