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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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Uggh. That just makes me want to invent a way to slap 20,000 Facebook commenters through the internet and then have the Winklevoss twins sue me claiming Faceslap was their idea. What a ridiculous overreaction and sense of entitlement both for themselves and the fired employee on the part of the people responding.

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^But her employers posted similar personal information before she did -what was she supposed to think? -anyone would think it was OK to do so!
Her employer posted a complementary note voluntarily given to management by a customer, whereas Ms. Welch posted a nasty note left by a customer who clearly would never want it to see it posted to social media. Granted, if Applebees never got permission from the complementary customer to post the note on Facebook (and they probably so, since that was SOP when I worked retail when dinosaurs ruled the Earth), they should have blurred out that customer's name as well. But no one is going to exact internet vengeance on some guy complementing his local Applebees for good service, while plenty will go after someone for mistreating a waitress (understandably so). There's the difference between the two and why the employee should have known she would get in trouble for posting the note online. Especially since she signed an agreement saying she would never do anything like that when she was hired.

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I'm glad they fired the stupid server. If somebody doesn't have the basic
common sense to not post personal information online, they should be cleaning bathrooms.
What "personal information" did she post?
The merchant ID number of the restaurant and the customer's easily read signature with her name and title on it, which is all you need to find both the pastor and what city she lives in (not to mention the Facebook profile of the employee would include her home town).

I sympathize with the waitress being upset about the way her coworker was treated and find the pastor's behavior reprehensible. But it was pretty poor judgment to post that receipt online without obscuring the identifying information about the customer and the restaurant, and a violation of company policy. And even if it hadn't been spelled out explicitly in company policy, you should know from common sense that doing that would come back to bite you in the ass.

I probably would have just suspended the girl and left a reprimand in her work file rather than fired her, but Applebees stated when she was hired that sharing private customer information with the public was a fireable offense, so I don't see how their handling of the situation was wrong.

There's no real bad guy in this situation, despite everyone's attempts to make it so. The worst offender is the pastor, and even she said her actions were wrong. Applebee's didn't cruelly dismiss an employee for some wrongheaded reason. If they didn't take action with this employee sharing private customer information it encourages more employees to do the same and undermines their position if they decide to take disciplinary action against others in the future. The waitress was justifiably upset about the treatment of a coworker and wanted to let people know that that is not okay, but unfortunately handled it the wrong way.

The worst offenses here are minor lapses in judgment and courtesy; nothing that demands the crusade that is being mounted. It's as if the amount of outrage is inversely proportional to the significance of the "crime."

And finally, some unfortunate business to attend to of my own:

More importantly, what kind of sad prick do you have to be to take pleasure in someone else being fired?
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