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Re: Which Uniforms Do You Prefer

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In fact, in HD, many of the tunics have the outline of the emblem showing up slightly out of alignment with its location on that day of shooting. Obviously stuff they hadn't foreseen 45 years ago!
One more reason to stick with my beloved clamshell DVDs.
Or the Laserdiscs, where you see so little, everything is perfect. :-) I agree, HD reveals too much and I'm glad I held onto my lo-res DVDs.

I like the third season uniforms. They're longer and make every seem taller and leaner. Shatner was tucked in with a girdle at the time, and his shoe lifts made his ass stick out, so he kind of looked a little "off." But he did drop weight, you can see it in his face in the beginning of the season.

Overall, though, I like the look of the original fabric.
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