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Re: Would you prefer a 4 day week?

I proposed a 4x12 schedule to my peers in a meeting to discuss work life balance (we are in management at a 24/7 production facility). Essentially, two managers would cover a department four days of the week, and the fifth day (and weekends) are covered by managers from other departments. Every 4 weeks, you would rotate to a different work week (but keep the same hours). Eventually, you would work weekends once every three months, but you would always have a 4 day on, 3 day off schedule. Work weeks would be M-Th, T-F, and F-M.

I think this would have been fantastic, but believe it or not the other managers in my group turned it down because "they are friends outside of work and they wouldn't get to hang out anymore because they'd always be on different work weeks".

Stupidest reason ever to not improve your work life balance. I live in California, and all my friends and family live in the midwest, so it is simply impossible for me to travel on the weekends to visit them. With flights, you almost have to fly back as soon as you land. Meanwhile, a lot of my coworkers are from California, and its not impossible for even a day trip to go see parents or friends.
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