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Blood testing by robot.

The world's most robotic-automated blood-test system has recently been opened at Hillerød hospital. (All speak in Danish.):

The blood-samples are scanned and photographed and the information transferred to the 'puck' (the small black thingy holding the sample)

Along the line there are five different machines: first (for most samples) is the centrifuge....

yada, yada

...will already have paid for itself by 2014 due to the efficiency of the system - partly due to the lesser use of reagents and materials, The Chief Physician explains, though not all blood analysing machines could be placed in the same room.

6,8 Millions samples are to go through this system every year.

Wherever in the world this happened, I find it strange to know that it hasn't happened before... the 'new' part of it isn't very new, if you ask me! -I just posted it because "The Engineer" (weekly magazine for engineers) seems to make a big deal of it -and I find it strange that, say, American hospitals apparently don't have this sort of machinery...

...and because I wondered how a board like this would a´react to such a machine

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