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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

fleet i'm currently in, its a level 16 fleet, soon to be level 17 fleet, its a good active fleet, doing loads of dill/zen trading as of late, bought zen when it was down at 84, sold 10 000 zen when it was up at 95, made loads. still got loads of zen left, zen is back down again on 88, bought 5500 will wait to go to 92, although i think Zen will fall back again down to 85 with in few days or week or two. Demand for Dill is much too great, especially now that loads of new players are finally joining the game.

Way game was set up in season 7 is not really productive for established players to do much other than grind dill and fleet marks if they really need them, I've got well over 10 000 fleet marks (1000 000+ fleet credits) but find little time now for fleet mark missions I used to run with fleet mates.

normally 5 of us would do 2 hours of fleet marks event do like 10-12 missions during fleet mark bonus event and than followed it on with 1 hour Romulus marks, but now its really not feasible for me to do such events, even though returns are great i.e we could easily scoop 300-320 fleet marks in 2 hour bonus play (often 400-500 marks) I find that dill has taken over and now i have little time for much else, dill farming on all my toons do now, takes majority of my game play time, It is quiet annoying, game is becoming monotonous and really boring, anyone else having same experience ?

anyways my fleet's starbase, its a longish vid, if you like it comment and thumb it up. posted few more vids there, if you like what you see subscribe, no pressure.
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