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A question to the men of the board.

Boys and women: please keep out of this -for your own sake.

You have been warned!

I have a question for you:

How do you cope with hairs in unwanted places?

Still here boys 'n' girls? -last warning: do get outta here!

I'm not talking about body-hairs -those are only testament to your being male (and removing them to your acceptance of the feminisation of society (stated a bit exaggerated, but nevertheless...)).

I'm talking about those weird -and usually quite stringy- hairs that all-of-a-sudden spring from your eye-brows, ears and nose after you reach a certain age (which differs for all of us)...

How do you cope with those?

A lighter usually does good work on removing the ear-hairs, and you can purchase reasonable nose-hair removers and women would have pointed you towards 'pluckers' against those pesky Brezhnev-brows, but how do you cope?


Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.
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