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Re: TNG Caption This! 303: He has claimed the right of captioning!

K'Ehleyr: Is it because you're impotent?

Duras: So anyway, life is going great for me in the Klingon Empire, so glad Worf took the fall for me. How is he doing?

Picard: I have called this meeting to discuss a troubling matter. Who has been leaving the heat on all night and running up the electric bill?

Gowron: Picard, most powerful and shiny of head, teach us in the ways of diplomacy.

Crusher: I'm trying to figure out who's been sending these racy emails from my system. Any ideas?

Riker: Wow! That's a good one... I mean, I'll look into it.

Captain's Log Supplemental: Apparently, the woman Riker jilted on Risa had powerful friends in the Klingon Empire...
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