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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

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Children on board a military vessel -- dumbest idea ever.
But that's exactly the point -- it wasn't intended to be a military vessel.
And yet it was bristling with weapons...
Which were intended to be strictly defensive. A city has an armed police force, but that doesn't mean the mayor is planning to invade the next county. (At least, not usually.)

and often came under attack from various adversaries such as the Borg, Romulans, Cardassians and a cranky Klingon or two ...
Later in the series. As I and others have repeatedly pointed out, the people who created the show and designed the ship were not the same people who made most of the series. By the start of season 2, all of them except Roddenberry had left the show, and Roddenberry had stepped back to a less central role in the production due to his failing health. So what we've been talking about for most of this thread now is the discrepancy between what was planned for the ship and what was actually done with it. It's that mismatch of intention and execution that creates the paradox.

Here are some quotes from the original March 1987 draft of the TNG writers' bible (credited to Roddenberry but mostly written by David Gerrold, with input from Bob Justman and D.C. Fontana as well as GR), just to underline what the original developers intended for the show:

Starfleet is not a military organization. It is a scientific research and diplomatic body.

Although the duties of the Enterprise may include some military responsibilities, the primary purpose of the Enterprise -- as with all Starfleet vessels -- is to expand the body of human knowledge. ...

In practice this means that our armaments and militarism have been de-emphasized over the previous series and very much de-emphasized over the movies.
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