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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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And here's an article from last month. Sony has lost $4.951 billion on the PS3 and Microsoft has lost $2.996 billion. Yes, both these systems had a fantastic library of games for us gamers, but from a financial point of view they were complete bombs. The hardware issues from the 360 (RROD's) and the overpriced, supercomputer that was the PS3 led to massive losses.
Hmmmm..... Not good indeed.

More than likely, this will be the last generation for home consoles the way we know it.

I'd like to see Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo actually get together, establish a standard and license game players to a number of different manufacturers, much the same way there are different manufacturers of DVD and Blu-Ray players. This game player would play all games regardless of studio and connect to an online service like XBL or PSN.

Pretty much what Steam is doing.
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