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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Not directing this next comment at anyone in particular, but it's almost amusing to see US fans criticize the BBC for it's plans re: DW and how they should take them into consideration. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot and UK fans say they should be taken into consideration for US shows, the line usually trotted out is the UK doesn't matter if it's a NBC/CBS etc.. show.
I'm not sure that the two situations are comparable; the American broadcast networks in recent years aren't producing the kind of pop culture/merchandising phenomena that Doctor Who is. The American programs that are the pop culture/merchandise engines are programs on the cable networks with small, cult audiences -- in other words, the same kind of audience Doctor Who draws in the US.

To the extent that any content producer cares about audiences outside their native territory, it's in the overseas sales they get for selling the show to a foreign network and in the licensing and merchandise sales they get from that territory. If BBC America is still willing to pay for the program (which they are) and if American punters are still willing to buy Doctor Who merchandise (which they are), then that's all the BBC (specifically Worldwide) should and will care about.

True, but couldn't the same said be about say Star Trek? As long as the overseas TV stations where willing to buy the rights to air it, and Paramount could still make money from merchandising sales in those countries why not continue to make it? Even the last Trek show was pulling in the region of ~0.5-0.7m in the UK on a subscription only channel (which would be in the region of what 2.2-3m viewers in the US when you account for population differnces between the UK and the US).

But money talks, I doubt Paramount was losing money on ST, UPN might have been however.

And others have mentioned in the UK we are used to long gaps between new episodes. Before the TV stations got wise and started to air shows closer to the US airdate, we in the UK could easily wait six months+ between new episodes of US shows. True we would then have a complete season without a break. But when you are used to 6-13 episodes seasons, you get used to the fact that for 75% or so of the year you'll be waiting for new episodes.

I'd rather have 6-13 episodes of decent television than 22 episodes of average television.

Look at the recent TW: MD it seems as if their was enough story to do a decent 5 part series, but with Starz it looks like it was padded out to 10 episodes of mediocre TV.
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