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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

Not a chance of cancellation unless someone at the BBC specifically desires cancellation over success. The brand is as popular as it has ever been and the show is finding new audiences worldwide. BBC America is seeing their best ratings ever with recent Doctor Who even with an inability to advertise it properly the last couple years because of the constantly shifting schedule and air dates held back by BBC until what is pretty much last minute. If they had some measure of control over when they air it, how often, etc. by holding the purse strings you could be sure there would be a much more regular flow and an ability to advertise it every year to bring in even more viewers. There is no way the BBC would just throw the whole thing away for no reason (again, unless someone there is just spiteful towards Doctor Who) when you have other channels eager and able to pay for the show to stay in production.
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