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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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With Netflix's House of Cards being released today there are some articles talking about the new business model and how it affects the creative side of storytelling. How would this apply to Star Trek if it were not on a linear TV channel?
There are three reasons for Netflix to make original content: attract new subscribers, stop existing subscribers from leaving and brand-building in the entertainment industry to attract future content partners.

Star Trek would be great for all three, but particularly the first, and this article implies its the most important factor in judging the success of the HoC launch.

Imagine you see an ad like this: watch the premiere of a new Star Trek series, right now online, no ads, for free. Who'd turn that down? And of course some of them would decide to keep the subscription when the free trial ends.
Yep, and Netflix is doing exactly that with House of Cards. The first episode is free for everyone. Then if you like it, you can subscribe to see the rest of the series. Netflix of course hopes you keep the subscription after you finish the show.
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