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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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I think online connections have a utilitarian use because videogames can now be updated/fixed whereas you could only do that with computer games in the old days.
As opposed to the good 'ole days where game producers actually had to test their games to death because they knew that once released they couldn't go back and fix things so it should work perfectly right out the box.

Nowadays it seems that producers think "Oh well.. we can patch it later. Just release the damn thing so we can make some money!". Online capability and hard drives to store data on has become a crutch in game development when it comes to technical aspects of the games and i can't shake the feeling that some producers are willingly risking some bad reviews and a tarnished reputation to a degree just so they can finally release a game and make some profits because they now have the option to fix the game later on.

On the plus side it allows them to balance a game further after players around the world get their hands on and give a far better review/feedback and you now have the option to get some additional content such as new game modes, maps, equipment etc. available without actually having to release a physical medium with the updates through retailers (that can be reserved for major expansions).

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The PS4 doesn't even support PS3 games.
Yeah, I'm curious about that as well. I don't see why Sony would not make the PS4 backwards compatible. That'd be extremely foolish.
Actually it's not from Sony's perspective. Once a game is sold Sony doesn't make any money off it apart from in game micro payments and stuff like that. Sony (and the game producers) want you to buy new games from the stores and they want to push the new console with their shinier graphics so old games are of no use to them to promote the PS4 so they will make sure everyone focuses on the PS4 instead of the older model.

In their infinite grace and gamer friendliness they may release some very popular PS3 titles and label them as Classic games or something like that because.. you know.. they understand gamers and stuff and empathize with them (and there's the thing with making money.. again.. off some old games where they just did some graphics remodelling to make it look a little better)

Personally i only own a 360 with i bought last year (yeah.. i'm totally up to date with my gaming ) but i'm ready to see what the new generation has to offer.

I still need to buy a BR player and since it's pretty sure the PS4 will have one i'm waiting to see the specs and above all the price.
If they think they can do a PS3 release again with 600+ Euro just because they are Sony and their console is supposed to be the second coming of Christ i'll most likely pass and buy a normal BR player and wait until the successor to the 360 is released to make a comparison and decide who'll provide next generation video gaming.

Maybe Sony will learn something from their mistakes.. it sure cost them a lot with the absolute disaster that was the PS3 release. The only thing that prevented their total annihilation was fanboys who play Playstation out of conviction/habit and the massive technical RROD problems of the earlier 360s.

If they hold back on the price a bit (likely as BR are cheap nowadays) and have good games for the release it might actually be really tempting this time to be an early adopter.. especially if they really announce it in a few weeks and release it sometime this year. Especially if they get a 6 month to 1 year lead over MS's next console which would let people save up some money to buy the 720 (or whatever it will be called).
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