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ST-TMP 3 CD soundtrack...

I know this has probably been covered to death, but after getting the 15 CD complete TOS soundtrack from La-La Land I ordered the 3 CD complete ST-TMP soundtrack and am just now working my way through.

It's nice to hear pieces I don't recall from the film (which might have been edited out) as well as alternate pieces. There are also the differences between how a suite sounded on the initial soundtrack (first on vinyl then later CD) and how it was meant to sound in theatre.

Regardless of what one thinks of this film overall the soundtrack is fantastic. Of course like anyone else I have my favourite pieces, but it is truly evocative all the way through. This really is music of a band of valiant explorers aboard a mighty vessel voyaging into the alien unknown.

My favourite piece overall is the Enterprise Leaving Drydock. It's shorter and more heroic and exciting sounding than the suite accompanying the reveal of the refit Enterprise we hear earlier.

This isn't just one of the very best of Star Trek music. It's one of the best film soundtracks ever done, very well suited to its subject matter.
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