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Re: Season 1 Geordi v the Rest of the Seasons.

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Been watching the HD versions of season 1 and 2 on Syfi and I am finding how Geordi had many interesting parts which I really did not take notice about the many times I've watched the show.

Season 1 Geordi commands the ship, splits the ship in two, gets to pilot the ship even being vision impaired, uses he unique vision capabilities to add the away missions. I could be biased and forgotten what Geordi had be doing in the rest of the seasons but he did seem to have a more active role in Season 1. Ok Season 2 he gets promoted to chief engineer and season 3 Lt.Cmdr but it just seems to be less as his role is spread over more episodes. If that makes any sence?
Geordi had episodes centering around him after season one (sometimes as many as two in a year). He had no episodes dedicated to him in season one. The character became more fleshed out following the premiere season and part of that was merely getting a new position and more of a purpose.
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