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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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I'm going to leave consoles behind and return to PC gaming. The PS4 doesn't even support PS3 games. Didn't bother me back then with PS2 games since I didn't own any. Now I do, and backwards compatibility should be a given.

So, out I am.

And I probably shouldn't have compared the PC and PS3 graphics of games like Crysis 2, GTA IV or the Assassin's Creed games.
Well, this is obviously speculation at this point... We don't know If the PS4 will be backwards compatible or not. I think there are 2 trains of thought on the matter... The PS3 wasn't PS2 compatible, so why would we expect the PS4 to be PS3 compatible?

On second thought, I totally expect my PSN profile to carry over to the PS4 since the PSN will operate over both PS3 & PS4 consoles. The PSN keeps track of my purchases and I can download them as I need to.

I don't know if disc based PS3 games will work on PS4, but I'll bet that PSN downloads will work on PS4. Now, I've downloaded full retail games over the PSN like Playstation All Stars and DMC... If those work on my PS4, I'll be so happy... but I think that's a long shot.

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