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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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That was pretty badass there. Palpatine rocked the sabers but I can't picture Maul being one to cry mercy, seemed out of character. I thought that mural they fought against was a really cool touch.

I was shocked at Satine's fate! I thought she was an interesting character and I liked that her face wasn't so generic. Obi-Wan doesn't seem as easy to sway to the dark side as Anakin and his kin. Unfortunately I think Ahsoka is going to meet an untimely end to help set Anakin off which will seem more natural than the movies I reckon.

Did anyone not add "you're my only hope" to Satine's message?
I know I did. I was actually kind of disappointed that she didin't, but that might have been to blatant of a reference.
I really enjoyed this episode. The Madolorian Civil War stuff was pretty interesting, Satine's death was shocking, and the Maul/Opress/Sidious duel was awesome.
I'm very curious when we'll get to find out what Sidious's plans are for Maul.
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