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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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Yup, it seems about that time. Let's hope Sony learned their painful, multi-billion dollar lesson from the PS3 and refrains from releasing yet another overpriced supercomputer. Of course, given the Vita, that seems unlikely.
"Painful Multi-billion dollar lesson?"

While Sony has had a tough time financially over the last few years, the Playstation division is the division bringing Sony out of the cellar.
As of February 2011, Sony had lost $4.7 billion dollars on the Playstation 3.

Yes, this article is two years old, but the PS3 has not made $5 billion profit over the last two years to even things out. The Playstation 3 (and the Xbox 360) did not make money. They lost billions.

And here's an article from last month. Sony has lost $4.951 billion on the PS3 and Microsoft has lost $2.996 billion. Yes, both these systems had a fantastic library of games for us gamers, but from a financial point of view they were complete bombs. The hardware issues from the 360 (RROD's) and the overpriced, supercomputer that was the PS3 led to massive losses.
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