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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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Yup, it seems about that time. Let's hope Sony learned their painful, multi-billion dollar lesson from the PS3 and refrains from releasing yet another overpriced supercomputer. Of course, given the Vita, that seems unlikely.
"Painful Multi-billion dollar lesson?"

I think you may have overstated things a little here. Global marketshare between the Xbox 360 and PS3 are more or less equal with several analyst predicting the PS3 to pull ahead in 2013. Considering that the 360 had a year head start and at least $50-100 cheaper than the PS3, I'd call that quite impressive.

While Sony has had a tough time financially over the last few years, the Playstation division is the division bringing Sony out of the cellar.

If Sony should take anything away from $599-gate, I hope that it is that in addition to putting out the Caddilac of game consoles, you'll also need a more sensible entry level model to maintain marketshare. The launch 360 was pretty much barebones and didn't do half the things the launch PS3 could do without being nickeled and dimed to death with peripherals. The PS3 was wi-fi ready out the box, rechargeable controllers, Bluetooth and Blu-ray compatible, large hard drive and free online service. Comparing Microsofts initial offering side by side, $599 didn't sound nearly as absurd in 2006. This is why I choose to get the PS3 first.

One feature I'd like to see on the PS4 is a DVR of some sorts with a quick connection to You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. I'd love to record my gameplay footage and quickly share my experiences.

I'd also like to see more TV services like HBOGo and more make its way to PSN. I know XBox has it, but why would I pay Microsoft $60/year just to pay HBO another $20/month when I could just flip inputs and watch it on cable?

Any more predictions/wishes for PS4?
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