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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Damn Razer, you callous bastard.
I'd say just the opposite -- he's trying to convince himself he doesn't love her because he's too afraid of being hurt by losing the one he loves a second time.

It's an interesting twist, wiping out the Anti-Monitor so soon and having Aya become the big bad. I wonder how long this status quo will last.

Over on YJ, they certainly found an interesting way of reinterpreting the lame Apache Chief character from Superfriends. It works a lot better this way. Apparently all of the "runaways" other than Static were based on the "ethnic hero" characters created for Superfriends. Eduardo (the kid whose voice sounded almost exactly like Jaime's, although the credits say it's a different actor) was based on El Dorado, who had superstrength and magical/psi powers including teleportation, and Asami was based on Samurai, who had wind powers (and was male).

Which isn't the first time a DC show has done pastiches of lame Superfriends characters. Justice League Unlimited had the Ultimen, who were based on Samurai, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and the Wonder Twins. And of course we've already met YJ versions of Marvin and Wendy. (And the same actor, Gregg Rainwater, has played both the Ultiman and YJ pastiches of Apache Chief, who were named Long Shadow and Tye Longshadow, respectively.)

Oh, and for the record, "Sumimasen" is basically a polite request for attention, like "Excuse me" or "Pardon me," though it can also mean "I'm sorry" or "Thank you." (And I can't believe I didn't recognize that Asami was played by Janice Kawaye, who was Jenny on My Life as a Teenage Robot.)
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