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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

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but what kind of show is an NBC show (and no the correct answer should not be "a total failure.")
Over most of the 2000's, I thought NBC was the Law & Order network.

(In parallel, I thought CBS was the CSI network over most of the 2000's).
That's the danger of being defined too strongly by one show. NBC still has one L&O series but that's hardly enough. Even CBS will have to stop defining themselves as the police procedural channel eventually - their audience keeps aging out of the demo the advertisers want - but NBC is at that point now.

I think they need to look at the success they've had with Grimm and Revolution, and rebuild their brand around that. Not just genre TV, but with a heavy dose of genre, and compelling action-adventure across the board. Good example of a non-genre success: Chicago Fire. Broadcast isn't glutted with shows about firemen, so that stands out.
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