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Re: The weakness of season 3

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You were far too kind about Flashback - the most squandered, poorly executed use of a special guest star and radical budget (Excelsior bridge, etc) in Star Trek.... ever! The premise is just waaaaay to much of a stretch. There's no way in my wildest imagination could I buy it for a second. It all happens inside Tuvok's head... just utter garbage. And that fucking stupid ending with all the kids falling off the cliff.... gawd.
It's just as well it takes place in Tuvok's head, it can explain the continuity gaffes as being inocrrect memorys.

1.>Dimitri Valtane is quite clearly alive at the end of TUC
2.>It was a period of several months between the Praxis explosion and Kirk and McCoy's arrest.
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