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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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I didn't really like the film crew getting involved either. I could have understood that reaction had Pam just learned that Jim died or something, but they just got into a little fight on the phone. If that's the worst argument they've had then they have pretty awesome lives.
The only reason to reveal the camera crew would have been to have something "fun" done with it, such as having them revealed as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Instead, we got a someone who might as well be an extra from central casting.

Frankly I've had no interest in Jim and Pam since they got married. I care much more about the rest of the characters now.
The Jim/Pam situation is a good example of what happens when a show runs too long.

Their arc ended with the marriage. While having them stick around might have worked if the focus moved on to other characters, the writers needed to give them (as two of the three remaining "stars" of show post-Carrell) "big" storylines.

This was further complicated by Krasinki leaving early and only agreeing to a partial final season. So, instead of writing a story that flowed naturally from the characters as written, they had to shoehorn in a plot to explain Jim's absence.

At the same time, they needed to keep Pam around because Jenna Fisher hadn't quit. So, despite the fact that Pam was traditionally one of the few characters on the show who seemed willing (post Roy) to try and move out of Scranton and better her life (see, eg, the time in NY at art school), despite the fact that Dunder-Miffelin is dead end company and despite the fact that a young couple with very young kids are precisely the type of people who would typically move for a new job, they need to contrive that she didn't want to go with Jim.

At this point its not about story. It's about meeting quota and honoring contracts
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