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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

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If your alterego wants to rape all your female friends and relatives, and you don't stick a gun in your mouth and pull the tiger to stop him, it's perhaps obvious that we know who the real jerk in this equation is.
After yawning through the pilot, I came to the same conclusion. The alter already almost killed your first love and nearly raped the second, is capable of murder, does hard drugs and is actively trying to ruin your life, so...cross your fingers and hope things work out OK? I would have eaten my gun after the first incident, let alone the second.

Also, when does this guy "sleep". Are they trying to say, when he's one personality, the other is sleeping, like getting actual rest? What about his BODY, which never actually rests? He's awake 24/7 since the coma drug stopped working. At least with Awake the guy was living Mon, Mon, Tue, Tue, Wed, Wed, etc., jumping back and forth between realities, and so actually got sleep (ignoring the implications of the finale).
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