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Re: The bridge sets from TNG.

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After filming for GEN wrapped, the sets for TNG were either destroyed (like the bridge, ready room, and multiple other sets) or gutted and re-vamped for VOY (the basic framework for the corridors, for instance, may have been used for VOY, but I am not certain of this). The TOS-era movie sets were designed to be taken apart, put into storage, and then pulled out and re-assembled for each film. The TNG sets were not designed this way. So the Enterprise-D bridge, for instance, could not just be disassembled and stowed away for 2 years until it was time to film the next movie. The studio needed that space to build the VOY sets, and since the Enterprise crashed and was destroyed in GEN, they figured they could just build all-new sets for the next movie, anyway.
Actually the same basic sets that were built for the abortive Phase II TV series in 1978 were kept standing for decades and used in the TOS movies, TNG, and VGR. Since they were originally built for a TV series rather than a movie, they were designed to be permanent, not struck and reassembled like movie sets. They were revamped and modified for each consecutive series, but the underlying superstructure of the sets on Paramount's Stage 9 remained standing from 1978 to 2001 -- a record for the longest continuously standing sets in Hollywood history. They were finally torn down when VGR ended because the wooden beams that had been in place for 23 years were finally rotting through.

You can read about the evolution of the Stage 9 sets here, and see blueprints showing how they changed from series to series. A lot of sets retained the same role from one series to the next -- corridors, engineering, the transporter room, sickbay, crew quarters. The movie bridge became the battle bridge on TNG and was also used as various other bridges, Data's science lab (where he built Lal and worked on Locutus), etc.

However, the TNG bridge, ready room, observation lounge, main crew quarters, and Ten Forward were new sets built on Stage 8 (for most of the series' run). The crew quarters and Ten Forward sets were redressed for VGR (the latter becoming the mess hall), but the TNG bridge complex was evidently torn down and replaced with Voyager's bridge complex.
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