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Re: Warcraft (Film) 2015

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Does WoW even have a plot?

There were several WoW comic books and tie-in novels published over the years. Dunno if they are considered "canon" or not.
To different degrees. Some of the earlier novels have been retconned by Blizzard but the major events still played out the same. The very recent books have tied in very closely with the game, to the point that the developers and the authors work together to make sure they reflect one another accurately.

The first DC WoW comic book series, had a rather generic storyline. (Probably not a good candidate for a movie script).
Wowpedia has hundreds of thousands of entries. The amount of lore rivals almost any fictional universe I can think of besides maybe something like Star Wars or Star Trek.

This is the movie I link to people who want to get into Warcraft lore but don't have the patience to play the old games. This is from one game (WC3), and it has five hours of cut scenes and cinematics.

I will also remind people that this is a Warcraft movie, not a World of Warcraft movie. I'm not distinguishing the universes like some stubborn purists do, but the movie could be about any point in time in Warcraft history.

I think it will be Alliance focused (viewers relate to humans, not green orcs, yada yada), but I don't think it will be the Arthas story line. I'd like to see the Thrall/creation of the Horde story line, but I'm not sure how people would react to a live action movie featuring CG character as the lead.

I hope they don't totally make shit up, but Chris Metzen and Blizzard are heavily involved in the movie so I doubt it. I also hope they keep the aesthetics of Warcraft in tact, I don't want the movie to seem like Game of Thrones or some generic fantasy movie. I want interesting looking armour and architecture, I want the races intact, I want shining paladin knights and dragons and magic and warlocks and dwarves flying gryphons.
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