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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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Doesn't really help people who don't get the discs. I'm just saying, if you're going to be targeting this at the streaming audience, it might be a good idea to make it better known to them.

Or maybe that's the point. They don't care about the current streaming audience; they're trying to get more people to subscribe.
Yeah that's my hunch, they're going to judge it by number of new subscriptions, fair enough. And I do get disks too, but I never notice what they're advertising. As for email, I loathe getting any kind of ads that way so I never give out my real email address.

They definitely are going after the Hollywood influencers. was awash in ads over the last couple days.

But they shouldn't need to depend on such indirect methods of reaching their existing customers when they could just add the show to everyone's "recommended" list or create a new special promotional area that is reserved only for their own original shows. That should be virtually zero cost to them, so why not do it as a matter of course?

Maybe they're afraid of the reaction of movie/TV producers whose stuff wouldn't get equal promotion. Keeping good relations with content producers is absolutely vital to their business.

I watched the first episode, it was pretty good. I can't say the premise grabs me - why should I care that some DC dickwad didn't get the job he wanted? But Kevin Spacey is so good, he's worth watching on his own. I also appreciate he didn't make the mistake of channeling Foghorn Leghorn with his South Carolina accent.

But I stopped with the first episode. It's not really a binge viewing type show. Something like 24 or Prison Break, a fast-paced thriller, would be more the binge viewing thing. Also some genre series, especially horror,

Though I've noticed that they reckon my rating for it will be nearly a full 5 stars.
I don't think they're cheating with their star ratings, they only predicted four stars for me (I'd say that's about right.) To start lying with the star ratings would be a big mistake, undermining their credibility and angering partners whose shows and movies aren't getting "star inflation."
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