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Re: Effects updates you'd like to see for TNG-remastered.

It wouldn't make sense to change the BoP's in "The Defector" because in "Reunion" they have two that are as big as a Vor'cha. I guess we'll just have to go with the idea that they are much larger versions of the same design.

"Darmok" - I'd like to see them fix the phaser but I doubt it'll happen since the close up of the torpedo tube would have to be completely replaced.

"Transfigurations" - Improve John Doe once he evolves into an energy being. Despite the yellow glow you can see it's a guy in a skin tight suit right down to the outline of his junk.

"The Wounded" - Change the Cardassian ship's phasers from pink to amber/gold to match all subsequent episodes.

"Galaxy's Child" - The CGI space creature looks pretty dated now and could do with an upgrade.

"Silicon Avatar" - Use the new Crystalline Entity model from "Datalore" for this episode.

"The Mind's Eye" - Change the shots from Geordi's point of view to better match shots from "Heart of Glory" and "The Enemy"

"Timescape" Add the visible hull damage caused by the Romulan Warbird to the stock shots used at the end of the episode where it magically disappears.

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