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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Interesting that he mentions de Lancie footage for a game, I wonder if this was for the Q VHS game that was never released? Would be great to see. It could also be for the quiz game for the PC that was released...

Oh and it wasn't Gowron in the TNG game, rather O'Reilly playing a rogue Klingon called Kavok.
If I were to take a stab, it's almost certainly the footage from the 'Star Trek: Borg" interactive movie game that came out in 1996.

Which would be cool to see in HD instead of craptastic AVI files. It was certainly a pleasant evening spent playing it back in the day, even if it's something you can only do once.
There was a Q/Borg VHS game in the works, but it was canceled after filming started. More info here:

I really hope to see this long-lost footage!
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