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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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That was a pretty good episode, though the whole arc was too rushed. I wasn't expecting Satine to die and not like that. They really did a good job showing Obi's heartbreak and Maul relishing his pain.
See, her problem was that she didn't use the right invocation. When you send him a holographic distress call, you're supposed to say, "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Everyone knows that.

Speaking of missed ANH references, why the hell didn't Obi-Wan use the Jedi mind trick on that guard? "You don't need to see my authorization." Easy.

The Mandalorian civil war was handled pretty well, though the highlight of the show was the Sidious-Maul-Savage duel. That was epic.
I can't really agree. Sure, there was some impressive fight choreography and whatnot there, so it was technically proficient, but there was nobody to root for, so it didn't engage me emotionally.

Also, it bugged me that they used Darth Vader's theme at some points in the sequence of Sidious's arrival. Okay, technically it's "The Imperial March," but it's always been associated specifically with Vader. And the show has used hints of it before in scenes that are suggestive of Anakin's emerging dark side, which is an appropriate use. So hearing it here was just jarring -- particularly since they also used the Emperor's theme, which is what they should've used throughout.

The dialogue wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, but the action was great. I've got mixed feelings about them not killing Maul off. I wonder if Disney plans to use him for the next round of movies.
Just as a point of order, I don't think it's correct to use "Disney" there. Disney is a corporation that buys up these other entertainment companies like Pixar and Marvel and Lucasfilm in order to gain the profits from their creations, but they don't actually dissolve the companies; Pixar and Marvel and Lucasfilm still exist as distinct production companies, and it's their people who make the creative decisions. So it will still be Lucasfilm that makes future Star Wars productions, just as it's Marvel that makes the Avengers-universe movies and Pixar that makes Pixar movies and shorts. They're all distinct entities from the actual film production company called Walt Disney Studios. In other words, the person creatively in charge of new SW movies will be Kathleen Kennedy, not John Lassetter.

I also wonder when Palpatine learned of Maul's return?
The impression I got from that shot of him on Coruscant was that we were seeing him "sense a presence in the Force" at that moment. Perhaps Maul's rage at facing Obi-Wan was sufficient to send ripples through the Dark Side that Palps could pick up from halfway across the known galaxy.
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