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Re: The latest on fusion power, via S. Korea and New Jersey!

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The problem with fusion isn't the danger of explosion, but the fact that there is still a lot of radioactive waste created that is not easily disposed of. Once nuclear physicists solve that problem, find a way to either neutralize the radiation or make it possible to reuse the fuel more than once (again, and again, and again...)
Unless I'm completely mistaken it's the neutrons released in the fusion that account for the radioactivity concerns which on the other hand are supposed to "crack" the lithium (there's your Delta Vega "lithium cracking station") and thus create new fuel for the "re-energizing" self sustaining fusion process.

In simpler language: Have a fusion reactor without fuel breeding inner lithium mantle you get radioactivity, have one with fuel breeding inner lithium mantle you get more technical obstacles you need to overcome (i.e. "lithium pump").

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