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Re: Problem with the episode "Justice"

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To be fair, Picard did question Tashat about reviewing laws and customs and she said "they listed nothing of punishment." That implies she was through with her research but maybe needed to ask the question in person once she arrived at Edo.
I picture Tasha getting a list of rules: no murder, no rape, no trampling newly-planted flowers, etc., and passing it on to everyone going on shore leave. There were no punishments listed (because everything's punished the same way), but Tasha incorrectly took for granted that the punishments would be proportional: murder, rape, etc. would be punished severely, while trampling flowers would be punished lightly.

it still just doesn't work as an explanation. If you're investigating the laws of a society, punishment is a major part of that, and if she's researching it, and coming up with no results, she should be getting more suspicious, not jumping to conclusions based on nothing.
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