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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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Yeah, all the off-world Jedi were easily gunned down by their clone troopers, Anakin wasn't there to negate their Force powers.
I could be wrong about this but someone mentioned that in the adaptations, the force is explaining as actually having will and purpose and because it no longer has use for the Jedi at this point, their powers become weak.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
No, but it sounds like something one of the Sith might have said at one point, reflecting their twisted viewpoint. I don't think it's accurate. We are given to understand from TPM that the Force has a will, but I don't think "it no longer has use for the Jedi at this point".

However, the ROTS novel does say that the darkness in the Force is exacerbated by the war and that this was a factor. But the darkness in the Force proceeds from the doings of the Sith.

Ultimately the main reason for the failure of the Jedi is that they simply were caught off guard and did not realize that even their own troops would become enemies. It has also been suggested that the clones did not have malice, per se, that might have been sensed by the Jedi; they were just following orders.

hyzmarca wrote:
It's important to remember that without Anakin there to counter their force powers, the younglings would have effortlessly annihilated those clones.
Not sure if serious...
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.
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