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Re: Why does Batman leave his mouth exposed?

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I mean what's worse?

"My Parents died taking me to see Finding Nemo."
or "My parents died taking me to see Zorro"

From an 8 year olds perspective that's a world of difference.
Doesn't matter. He doesn't live in our world so who knows when Batman's Hollywood has released yet another Zorro film. Even in our real world, Zorro has seen many releases on the big screen (there's even a reboot in the works) and thus, it was a timeless choice. "Finding Nemo?" That's a very specific film from a very specific studio with a very specific release strategy. Doesn't work.

At the time of Detective Comics #27's release, Zorro was about to have his fourth feature and third actor in the role in the US. But Zorro hasn't had just a US film history. There have been some Mexican and many European productions as well. Perhaps the Waynes went to a quaint theater that shows foreign films and it happened to be a Zorro picture?
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